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Delivering Device Data and Operational Trust for IoT at Scale

Wouldn't now be a good time to evaluate your future IoT device security requirements? 

"The world of IoT is always evolving, but device security has always been the most important consideration. The Axeda platform was state of the art when it was designed, but security risks on the internet are constantly evolving.
"Your IoT strategy needs to continually assess device security and plan to mitigate the risks that evolve."
Jim Hansen, Former CTO, Axeda


The Axeda IoT Platform has been THE original IoT solution since 2001.  As a current Axeda customer, you are likely in a situation now where you are having to evaluate moving to a new IoT platform. 



In addition, IoT platform providers are leaving IoT device security up to the companies who manufacture the devices as well as the factories that use them.   

IoT devices represent a huge cyberattack vector into you and your customers’ networks.  

  • How would you respond if one of your IoT machines on the factory floor was compromised, exposing you or your customers' networks?
  • Do you know if you are compliant with US Government's Executive Order 14028 that requires SBOMs for software companies?
  • What if your IoT devices could automatically rotate crypto keys every time they communicated over the air without needing share anything?



During our latest podcast, Jim Hanson - Former CTO at Axeda spoke to James Penney - CTO at Device Authority about topics ranging from Axeda’s early security challenges to how your IoT security strategy should be positioned for now and the future.


Named Global Leaders in IoT device identity lifecycle management, Device Authority's KeyScaler platform is enabling equipment manufacturers to protect the supply chain, the IoT device identities of their equipment and the data that flows from them, in conjunction with leading cloud platform providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

We make it possible for our customers to achieve automated Zero Trust security for their devices. 

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